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When it feels like you can't win, check in with a mate.

Checkmates is an app removing the loneliness surrounding mental health. We connect students who can support each other through tough time.


Feel like you're alone in your thoughts?

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Checkmates has been created by people who've been there.

Anonymous peer to peer support

Why did we build Checkmates?

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Checkmates aims to remove the loneliness surrounding mental health, offering support and connections with people who have really been through it.

These figures are ever growing, especially after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

450% Increase in student mental health declarations in the past decade.
2021 saw 70%  of students were concerned about their mental health and wellbeing.
Students are significantly more anxious than the general population of Great Britain, with mean scores of 5.3 compared with 4.2 respectively.
Of those who surveyed,  57% reported a worsening in their mental health and well-being in the first term.
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Increased Isolation

Current solutions aimed at supporting those affected often increase isolation. Long wait times and administrative processes can leave students feeling unheard or unprioritised.

Checkmates hands the users the power to gain immediate support, connections and advice.

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Current traditional solutions for poor mental health can be financially out of reach for students.

Checkmates offers free access to all, while also ensuring our more in-depth package is in budget for students. Price of a 2 coffees a month can give you unlimited access to online mental health support.


Public Acceptance

Most systems in place for students involve being face to face with individuals they may not want to confess their struggles too.

Checkmates allows you to remain anonymous throughout. Giving you the power in how much or little of your story you wish to share.

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Create profiles based on your story, not your appearance.

How Checkmates Works

We use algorithms and a dating app “swipe right feature” in order to help you find profiles that you can relate to; real people who are sharing your experiences and emotions.

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Create Profile

Create your profile based on your story; what you are going through and how you are feeling.

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Express your emotions

Choose between a library of emotion cards to express how you are feeling, no need for profile pictures or potentially triggering language.

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Discover connections

Discover profiles, read other users stories and connect with those you can relate to.

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Check in with your mates

Build friendships, give and receive support and feel validated in your experiences. You are not alone.

Our values

In order for Checkmates to create a safe space for open and honest conversations we choose to prioritise users security while providing a friendly and reliable platform.
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If we don't know, we'll find out.

Is Checkmates free to download?

Yes, Checkmates can be downloaded for free via the App Store and Google Play Store. Basic features let you create a profile, use the Swipe Right feature to connect with other users and have a messaging platform to become Checkmates. Our Checkmates + option allows you access to further features including recommended profiles, our community group chats and a Mental Health Forum.

Is Checkmates a secure platform?

Your privacy is No.1 on our list of priorities. We appreciate that you put your trust in us when you provide us with your information and we do not take this lightly. Although we will never claim perfection; we strive to be transparent in the way we process your data. Checkmates has team dedicated to keeping your data and security safe. If you have any further questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us.

When is checkmates launching?

Checkmates is officially launched on the Appstore. We are undergoing a BETA test period right now. ‍Sign up with the link above to join the trial now and let us know what you think!

Still have questions?

Want to know EVEN more? We’re always happy to help.

Let’s change the conversation around mental health, together!

Reach out for support, reach out to support. Checkmates offers you the chance to hold your hands up and say you’re struggling before holding someone else's hand and figuring things out.

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